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Accounting Services

Accounting Services


Accounting plays an important role in every business and it’s crucial that you keep accurate records of your financial transactions. Outsourcing your accounting functions to an offshore accounting service gives you access to accounting expertise and experience while allowing you to focus on running your business and here at Worldwide Fellow, we are experts at providing accounting solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

We totally understand the challenges you face and can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Outsourcing your accounting is that you can rest assured that everything is being handled professionally. Furthermore, when you engage us, you can trust that your data is safe and secure, and that your information is protected under strict privacy regulations. 

Why You Should Outsource Your Accounting Needs

Businesses choose to outsource their accounting because it saves money, frees up resources and allows them to focus on what matters most — running their business. We are able to provide quality accounting services at a fraction of what it costs to run an in-house operation. This includes providing accurate financial statements, timely reports and expert advice.

In addition, you will receive regular progress reports, allowing you to keep track of your finances at all times. We assist our clients to prepare relevant accounting records and documents to maintain compliance with local regulations. Let our team of experts handle your reports, taxes, and other accounting needs, while you focus on your business!

Our Accounting Services

 ✓ Maintaining accurate account records and bookkeeping

  ✓ Preparing  quarterly/yearly management accounts and cashflow statements

  ✓ Preparing Profit & Loss, Balance sheets, Payables and Receivables

  ✓ Preparing Annual Financial Statements

  ✓ Preparing and Filing of Annual Tax Returns and GST

  ✓ Reviewing of tax assessments 

Why Choose Us

Efficient and Timely

We understand the importance of getting the accounts done in a timely manner to prevent any interruptions in your business.

Accurate and Compliant

We will assist you in ensuring that your accounts and declarations are accurate, compliant and all in order. 

Tailored Solutions

Not all businesses require the same solutions and we provide accounting solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Easy Communication

Communication is key when dealing with your accounts to ensure that nothing is missed out and we strive for excellence everytime.

Experienced and Qualified Personnels

Our team of accountants and experts are well-versed and experienced in assisting businesses of different scales and sizes.

Flexible Technical Integration

We can help you in any software you opt to use for your accounts. We are familiar and well-versed with the industry choices. 

Documents required

 ✓ Company Bank Statements

 ✓ Company Payroll Details

 ✓ Invoices and Sales Orders to Clients

 ✓ Documents on Client’s Deposits and/or Payments Outstanding

 ✓ Purchase Invoices/Receipts from Suppliers

 ✓ Expenses Receipts

 ✓ Inventory List

 ✓ Other Financial Documents, (Loans, Lease Agreements, etc)


Step 1

Our team of experts will discuss with you and tailor-make the solutions in accordance to your your business and accounting needs. 

Step 2

We will provide the best and effective ways to exchange information such as transaction records & supporting documents, to ensure a smooth workflow.  

Step 3

Closing of books and compilations of financial data will be done periodically. Finalised accounting statements will be sent to you for review and approval.

Step 4

Post-filling and submission with local authorities, we will analyse and review reports for further improvements for the upcoming financial years.

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