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United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Company Incorporation

At Worldwide Fellow, our experts are readily available to assist our global clients to register a company in the United Kingdom. The services include company formation, providing local nominee directors, and opening corporate bank accounts. 

On average, your UK company can be registered within five working days upon submitting the necessary documents.

United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Company Incorporation

The United Kingdom (UK) is a popular jurisdiction for offshore companies due to its strong legal system, favourable business environment, and excellent reputation. Setting up an offshore company in the UK can provide numerous benefits such as access to a large pool of skilled labour, a strategic location for doing business in Europe, and a well-developed financial sector. The UK has a modern and efficient legal system, and its strict adherence to the rule of law makes it a reliable and trustworthy jurisdiction for those looking to set up an offshore company.

In addition, the UK has a competitive corporate tax rate and a number of tax incentives and reliefs available to businesses. Overall, the UK is a good choice for those looking to incorporate an offshore company in a reputable jurisdiction with a favourable business environment.

Types of United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Companies

Why You Should Have A United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Company?


• Incorporated within 1 - 3 business days

Getting Your United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Company in 4 Easy Steps

Free Consultation

Do get in touch with our consultants using the form provided below. Please provide us with information on the company you wish to open, such as the company name and business category.


Once the consultation is done, you can register your application to incorporate your company by clicking on the button SETUP NOW above. Please provide accurate details to avoid delays.


Make payment for your order. We accept all major credit / debit cards, bank transfers and Paypal. Once payment has been made, we will process your order and proceed to incorporate your company.


After successfully incorporating your new Singapore entity, you are all set to conduct business. We will courier over the relevant incorporation documents to your preferred address for safekeeping.

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Key Features & Requirements

Corporate Requirements

Minimum of 1 Director

Minimum of 1 Local Director

Nominee Director Services Available

Minimum of 1 Shareholder

Minimum of 1 Corporate Secretary

Other Requirements

Registered Agent

Registered Address

Scope of Service

Company Registration

Company Name Reservation

Company Registration

Preparation of all necessary documents of your company with the Registrar

Certificate of Incorporation

Business Profile

First Board of Directors Resolution

Company Constitution

Shares Certificate

Provision of Registered Address

Annual Renewal Services

Point of Contact to Receive Notices from Local Authorities

Provision of Company Secretary for 1 year

Additional Services (Variation Order)

Company Seal

Company Rubber Stamp

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Trademark Registration

Virtual Offices Available

Annual Nominee Director Services

Added Services For Your United Kingdom (UK) Offshore Company Formation

There is no minimum paid-up share capital requirements.

There is no audit requirement for companies with revenues below GBP £1,000,000 and net assets of less than GBP £1,400,000.

No. It is not required for you to be physically present in the United Kingdom for the incorporation process. Our team of experts will assist you every step of the way. 

No, if an offshore company earns foreign income from a business operation that is conducted entirely outside of the UK and has no UK source income, it may not be required to pay UK taxes on that income.

However, in general, if an offshore company carries on business or earns income in the UK, it may be required to pay UK taxes. They are required to pay Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and VAT

Corporation Tax rates are at 19% – 25%.

Income Tax rates can be up to 45%. Dividends are exempted, and no double taxation on dividends throughout the EU.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rates are from 18% – 28%, depending on the amount of your taxable income. Non-residents of UK offshore companies typically do not pay CGT with the exception of real estate in the UK.

VAT, or Value Added Tax is at a standard rate of 20% (some exceptions at 5%). Your offshore company has to register for VAT if its annual turnover is more than £85,000. Thereafter, you can reclaim input tax and collect VAT from your clients. 

Your Business In United Kingdom (UK) Made Easy

Ready to incorporate in UK? Talk to our experts today and get your UK company up and running in no time!