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Serviced Offices Around The World

At Worldwide Fellow, we help businesses to work where they want and how they want by providing serviced offices to our clients in the jurisdictions they are incorporated in. 

With choices of over a hundred different office types around the world, do reach out to our team, and we can tailor-make a plan for you at the best prices available.

Serviced Offices Around The World


Having businesses worldwide may require you to have the amenities of an office in the jurisdiction your new company is in. Without the overheads or the responsibilities of maintaining one, serviced offices can just be the solution to all your administrative needs. 

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is typically a fully-equipped office that provides administrative services and ready-to-use spaces provided by service operators. At a very low-cost rate monthly and flexible terms, serviced office operators can offer you the full suite of facilities an office typically has.

Key Benefits of Serviced Offices

Cost Effective

No Maintenance Needed

Flexible Short Term Leases

Best Office Addresses Available

Full Access To Office Facilities

Access to New Markets Worldwide

Types of Serviced Offices

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices provide businesses with a local business address and office-related amenities without the costly overheads of maintaining one.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-Working Spaces are shared workspaces in which employees of different companies can come together to share a fully-equipped office.

Private Office Spaces

With wide range of spaces available, Private Office Spaces are dedicated office spaces with an office facility, just for you and your team

Meeting Rooms

Pay-As- You-Use meeting rooms are readily accessible for you to hold your meetings with your clients and team members.   


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