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United Arab Emirates (UAE) Offshore Company Incorporation

At Worldwide Fellow, our experts are readily available to assist our global clients to register a UAE/Dubai Offshore Company. The services include company formation and opening corporate bank accounts.

Serving as a nexus to the East and the West, Dubai’s strategic location and rapid growth, makes it a favourable place to do businesses.

On average, your UAE company can be registered within 3-5 business day upon submitting the necessary documents.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) / Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation

Why You Should Have A United Arab Emirates (UAE) / Dubai Offshore Company?

Dubai is a popular jurisdiction for offshore companies due to its favourable business environment, strong legal system, and excellent reputation. Setting up an offshore company in Dubai can provide numerous benefits such as access to a large pool of skilled labour, a strategic location for doing business in the Middle East, and a well-developed financial sector. Dubai has a modern and efficient legal system, and its strict adherence to the rule of law makes it a reliable and trustworthy jurisdiction for those looking to set up an offshore company.

In terms of tax, Dubai has a competitive corporate tax rate and a number of tax incentives and reliefs available to businesses. Dubai is also known for its favourable tax treaty network, which can provide additional tax benefits for international companies.

Overall, Dubai is a good choice for those looking to incorporate an offshore company in a reputable jurisdiction with a favourable business environment and strong legal system.

 Company can be 100% foreign owned

100% tax exemptions from international business activities and income 

Tax-free for offshore companies and a business-friendly environment

Highest level of privacy on identities of Owners and Shareholders

Rapid growth in economy and political stability

Freezones offer tax-free and low-cost benefits

Different types of company structures to best serve your business 

UAE ranked as one of the highest in global efficiency and tax system

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Types Of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Offshore Companies

 ✓ RAK International Business Company (IBC)

 ✓ RAK Free Zone Company

 ✓ Dubai Free Zone Company

 ✓ Ajman Free Zone Company

 ✓ Limited Liability Company* (Local LLC) 

Timeline to register a United Arab Emirates (UAE) Offshore Company

• Incorporation time can be completed within 3-5 business days upon submission of necessary documents required for due diligence. 

• Travelling to United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not required for the incorporation process.

• Subsequently, our experts will assist you in opening either a local UAE or an International Corporate bank account for your newly formed entity.

• Timeline to opening a corporate account can be as short as 1 week to 4 weeks. 

Costs to register for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) Company

From USD $3199

United Arab Emirates  / Dubai United Arab Emirates / Dubai

From USD $3199

• Incorporated within 3 – 5 business days

• Dedicated account manager assigned

• Client information will be held in strict confidentiality

• Fast and hassle-free

• 100% success rate

Required documents to register for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) Company

• Coloured copy of passport/identification card of each individual, beneficial owner, shareholder, and director 

 Proof of residence of each individual, beneficial owner, shareholder, and director 

 Fill in all necessary information through the forms provided 

Get Your United Arab Emirates (UAE) Company Fast in 5 easy steps

Send in a request to us to reserve your choice of the company name.

Register the particulars of all your Directors and Shareholders.

Make the necessary payment for your requests. Our team of specialists will assist you every step of the way. 

Once incorporated, you will receive a notification of successful incorporation and soft copies of relevant documents for your new business.

• As a value-added service, we can assist you to open a corporate bank account through our long-established relationship with our banking partners.

Do you have any questions? Please provide us with your contact and we will get back to you shortly.

Added services for your United Arab Emirates (UAE) Company

Frequently Asked Questions on United Arab Emirates (UAE) Offshore Companies

Your business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made easy

Ready to incorporate in UAE? Talk to our experts today and get your UAE company up and running in no time!