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Belize Offshore Company Incorporation

At Worldwide Fellow, our experts are readily available to assist our global clients to register a company in Belize. The services include company formation, providing local nominee directors, and opening corporate bank accounts. 

On average, your Belize company can be registered within 3 working days upon submitting the necessary documents.

Belize Corporate Services : Services and Support for Your Business

At Worldwide Fellow, we provide various services and support to businesses operating in Belize which include company formation, nominee director services, and corporate bank account opening services, amongst others. Do let us know how we can add more value to your new company, and should you require a service which is not listed in the following, please inform us and we will be more than happy to assist you. 


We specialize in helping businesses open bank accounts quickly and efficiently. With our expert guidance, you can rest assured that the process will be hassle-free and seamless.

Offshore Company Formation at Worldwide Fellow


Includes all the necessary documentation and filings to ensure that you're able to meet your legal requirements without any hassle. We're committed to providing you with a reliable and trustworthy service that you can rely on.


We understand that managing your finances can be a daunting task, especially when you're focused on growing your business. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to help you stay on top of your finances.


We offer a range of support services to help you focus on your business. This includes reception services, mail handling, secretarial support, and more. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters - growing your business.

Offshore Company Formation at Worldwide Fellow


We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property, which is why we offer Intellectual and Trademark Registration Services to help safeguard your business interests.


With our E-Visas and Golden Visas Services, you can save time from dealing with complex visa application procedures. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you obtain your visas for various countries!

Frequently Asked Questions on Belize Offshore Companies

Yes, a Belize entity can be 100% foreign owned. In Belize, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of companies or businesses. Both individuals and foreign corporations can own and operate businesses in Belize without any restrictions on the percentage of foreign ownership. This makes Belize a very attractive destination for foreign investors looking to establish businesses in the country.

A minimum paid-up capital of USD $1 required.

Foreign sourced income is legally tax exempted. ion process on your behalf.

Offshore companies in Belize are required to file an annual return, but there is no requirement for an annual financial statement. Additionally, there are no taxes on foreign-sourced income, capital gains, or wealth for offshore companies in Belize. However, an offshore company in Belize must maintain accurate financial records, which must be kept on file for 5 years, and can be audited by a government official if they have reasonable cause to do so.

The annual return is a document that confirms that the company is still in good standing, and that there have been no changes to the company’s directors, shareholders, or registered office. 

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