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Nevis Company Incorporation

Having a Nevis company is a popular jurisdiction for offshore company formation, due to its ease of setup, territorial tax system and variety of structures.

At Worldwide Fellow, our experts are readily available to assist our global clients to register a company in Nevis. The services include company formation, providing local nominee directors, and opening corporate bank accounts. 

On average, your Nevis company can be registered within three working days upon submitting the necessary documents. 

Setting Up A Nevis Company : Your Nevis Offshore Company

Typically, the process of incorporating your new Nevis legal entity can be as fast as three business days, as soon as we have received all necessary documentation in order. 

Step 1 : Making Reservations

• Choose a business entity: Our team of experts will reach out to you and advise you on the different types of companies in Nevis that best fit your business profile. The most common option for offshore companies in Nevis is the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

• Choose a company name: Concurrently, we will thoroughly search the local Registrar’s Index of Names for the availability of your desired company name and reserve it. The company name has to be unique and not in use by another business.

Step 2 : Registration

• Appoint directors and shareholders: A company in Nevis must have at least one director and one shareholder, who can be individuals or corporate entities. Additionally, a local registered agent is required. We can provide resident nominee directors, shareholders, registered agent if necessary.

• Completing all documents: Subsequently, we will collect information and assist you with the necessary documentation and registrations with the relevant authorities for your Nevis entity. 

Step 3: Additional Services

✓ Providing Nominee Services (Director / Shareholder)
Opening of a Corporate Bank Account with International Banks
Providing a Local Address or Serviced Office 
✓ Obtaining a Business License (if necessary)

Step 4 : Delivery

And you’re done! After the successful incorporation of your new Nevis entity, you are all set to carry out business worldwide. We will courier over the relevant incorporation documents to your preferred address for your safekeeping. Time of delivery varies depending on your location.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Nevis Offshore Companies

A Nevis offshore company is a type of legal entity registered in Nevis, a small island nation in the Caribbean. These companies are often used for international business activities and asset protection, as Nevis has favorable tax laws and strong privacy protections for its offshore companies.

Some potential benefits of a Nevis offshore company include lower taxes, increased privacy and asset protection, access to international markets, and reduced regulatory burdens. Additionally, Nevis has a stable political and economic climate, making it a relatively safe and secure jurisdiction for offshore business activities.

Yes, Nevis offshore companies can be used to operate a wide range of business activities, including international trade, consulting, and investment management. However, it’s important to comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where you do business, and to ensure that your offshore company is set up and operated in a transparent and compliant manner.

Yes, foreigners can own a Nevis offshore company. Nevis has no restrictions on the nationality or residency of the owners or directors of an offshore company. Anyone who meets the requirements for setting up a Nevis offshore company can do so, regardless of their nationality or country of residence.

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